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Beyond The Poseidon Adventure Poster Original Daybill 1979 Michael Caine Irwin Allen

Beyond The Poseidon Adventure Daybill Poster Original 1979

Daybill Poster.Beyond the Poseidon Adventure is a 1979 American action-adventure disaster film and a sequel to The Poseidon Adventure (1972) directed by Irwin Allen (TV Lost In Space) and starring Michael Caine , Sally Field, Angela Cartwright (TV Lost In Space) and Mark Harmon. In 1973, soon after the first film came out, producer Irwin Allen proposed a sequel that would have had the survivors testifying in a hearing on the disaster in Austria, the country of the Poseidon's parent company. While on a train to the hearing, a miles-long mountain tunnel would collapse, leaving the survivors of the train trapped inside, struggling to make their way out. The film was planned to be released at Christmas 1974.This premise was eventually used in the Rob Cohen film Daylight (1996) with Sylvester Stallone.The  eventual storyline was as follows: After "The Poseidon Adventure", in which the ship got flipped over by a tidal wave, the ship drifts bottom-up in the sea. While the passengers are still on board waiting to be rescued, two rivaling salvage parties enter the ship on search for money, gold and a small amount of plutonium.Adventurers return to the overturned ship, seeking a fortune. Filming started September 1978 at Burbank Studios with location shooting off the California coast and Catalina Island. Release of the film was in 1979.

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