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The Gauntlet Poster Original Daybill 1977 Yellow Art Clint Eastwood

Original Australian Daybill Poster The Gauntlet

Poster art by Frank Fazetta.The Gauntlet is a 1977 American action thriller film directed by Clint Eastwood, starring Eastwood and Sondra Locke. The film's supporting cast includes Pat Hingle, William Prince, Bill McKinney, and Mara Corday. Eastwood plays a down-and-out cop who falls in love with a prostitute (Locke) whom he is assigned to escort from Las Vegas to Phoenix in order for her to testify against the mob. Written by Dennis Shryack and Michal Butler, the film was originally set to star Marlon Brando and Barbra Streisand; Brando subsequently withdrew and was replaced by Steve McQueen. However, differences between McQueen and Streisand ultimately led to their joint departure in favour of Eastwood and Locke. There was some pre-production discussion of transforming the Ben Shockley role into a down and out Dirty Harry portrayal. The Gauntlet was filmed in Phoenix, Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada, as well as in nearby deserts in both states. The Gauntlet was a commercial success.