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Angel Heart Poster Original Photosheet 1987 Robert De Niro Lisa Bonet Mickey Rouke

Original Australian Photosheet Movie Poster Angel Heart

Photosheet Poster.Angel Heart is a 1987 American neo-noir psychological horror film and an adaptation of William Hjortsberg's 1978 novel Falling Angel. Written and directed by Alan Parker, the film stars Mickey Rourke, Robert De Niro, Lisa Bonet and Charlotte Rampling. Harry Angel (Rourke), a New York City private investigator, is hired to solve the disappearance of a man known as Johnny Favorite. Angel's investigation takes him to New Orleans, where he becomes embroiled in a series of brutal murders. Filming took place on location in New York and New Orleans, with principal photography lasting from March 1986 to June of that year. Before its release, Angel Heart faced censorship issues from the Motion Picture Association of America for one scene of sexual content. Weeks before its theatrical release, Parker was forced to remove ten seconds of footage to avoid an X rating and secure the R rating that the film's distributor Tri-Star Pictures wanted. Angel Heart received positive reviews.


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