What condition is the memorabilia in?

Grading is not a simple process and can be very subjective. We try to accurately grade our items using the six categories below.


The item in question has no pin holes, tears, tape marks, edge wear, ratings snipes, folds or stains.In the case of most Daybills / One sheets folds are not a fault

Near Mint If an item's condition is described as this then it is likely to have been used but carefully so.The image artwork area will be in excellent condition and a few clean pin holes in the borders may or may not be apparent from being displayed in the cinema .Some light edge wear may be apparent from storage or from the previous owner. Matting and framing will easily hide this minor imperfection. In the case of factory folded posters such as Australian Daybills and certain one sheets, these may have slight wear on the fold creases from storage, the age of the poster often can determine this.
Very Fine The item would have been carefully used.The image would be clear of any defects with the possible exception of clean pin holes, small scuffs or wrinkles.You may find one or two clean pieces of tape in corners only.Some slight edge wear may potentially also be present. A 'Bleed' (the name of the poster) has been written on the border area of the poster. Foxing marks may be present (due to the age of the poster but only usually in the border areas (unless specified).The item will matt and frame up nicely hiding what are mostly border imperfections.
Very Good An item of this condition may have pin holes in corners, some slight scuffing or light wear in the image area. In the case of a poster, heavier wear may be present along the fold creases and some small tears along the edges could be present. A Bleed could also exist. An item of this grading condition will display nicely as these imperfections are largely on the edge and any good framer will be able to disguise these with matting and a decent frame. Alternatively in the case of a poster, the "Linen Backing" restoration process could be considered.

Typically this type of item will show its imperfections and restoration could be an option.Some staining or fading could be present along with tearing or paper separation. In the case of posters, this tearing could be in some instances along the machine folded creases. In the case of posters, by restoration we would suggest "Linen Backing" depending on how much the title means to the customer.

Poor To Fair Major restoration is required.Pieces of the image could be missing in key areas and the item could be significantly stained.All of the above imperfections in the categories mentioned would be present. You would only consider buying an item in this condition if you were prepared to restore it and still live with certain defects that may not be able to be repaired. Often a very rare item that is rarely seen comes into this category and is the only way you can obtain it.