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Villa Rides Poster Original Daybill Robert Mitchum Charles Bronson Duo Tone Art

Original Australian Daybill Poster Villa Rides

Duo tone Poster Art. Villa Rides is a 1968 American Technicolor western war film in Panavision directed by Buzz Kulik and starring Yul Brynner (in toupee) as Francisco Villa and Robert Mitchum as an American adventurer and pilot of fortune. The supporting cast includes Charles Bronson as Fierro, Herbert Lom as Huerta, and Alexander Knox as Madero. Sam Peckinpah wrote the original script and was set to direct but Brynner didn't like his depiction of Villa as cruel and had Robert Towne rewrite the script and sought another director. The screenplay is based on the biography by William Douglas Lansford. The storyline was as follows:  Pulled into the Mexican Revolution by his own greed, Texas gunrunner and pilot Lee Arnold (Mitchum) joins bandit-turned-patriot Pancho Villa (Brynner) and his band of dedicated men in a march across Mexico battling the Colorados and stealing women's hearts as they go. However, each has a nemesis among his friends: Arnold is tormented by Fierro (Bronson), Villa's right-hand-man; and Villa must face possible betrayal by his own president's naiveté.


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