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Touch And Go Poster Original Daybill 1980 Wendy Hughes Jon English Jacki Weaver

Touch And Go Daybill Poster 1980 Wendy Hughes Jon English

Rare Country of origin Daybill movie poster.Touch and Go is a 1980 Australian heist film directed by Peter Maxwell. Starring in the film were Wendy Hughes, Jacki Weaver, Chantal Contouri, Carmen Duncan, Jeanie Drynan , Liddy Clark and Christine Amor. The film also starred musician Jon English, who composed the catchy title song 'Touch and Go' which featured on his 1981 album 'Inroads'. English also wrote the movie's soundtrack, the first and only time he has been a film's composer. The film was the idea of director Peter Maxwell. It was originally intended to be set on Hayman Island but Reg Ansett, who had interests on the island at the time, was not keen on showing a robbery on the island. It was made with funding from Greater Union, the Queensland Film Corporation and Australian Film Commission. Shooting began in November 1979 with a month's worth of filming at Maroochydore and Noose Heads, and eight weeks of night shooting in Sydney. Scenes set in a Barrier Reef island were shot at a Maroochydore hotel. Its original shooting title was Friday the 13th but this was changed when the horror movie with the same name came out.

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