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The Finishing School Daybill Poster RARE Aka The House That Screamed Horror

Original Horror Daybill Poster The Finishing School

Daybill Poster.The House That Screamed (Spanish: La residencia) is a 1969 Spanish horror film written and directed by Narciso Ibáñez Serrador. The film stars Lilli Palmer as Señora Fourneau, the headmistress of a nineteenth-century French boarding school for girls where the students begin to disappear under unusual circumstances. The film was also released under the title The Finishing School and was was director Narciso Ibáñez Serrador's first horror film. The film was created as a commercial film with the express purpose of breaking into the international market and was in part funded by the Spanish government. Because the film was made up of both English and Spanish actors, the film was shot with the actors performing in both English and Spanish languages. The film was dubbed entirely in English in post-production, making it the first Spanish film presented in English. Film scholars have compared the film's narrative to that of Psycho (1960) and it performed well in its native country Spain.

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