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The Accused movie poster Daybill Jodie Foster Kelly McGillis

The Accused 1988 Poster Jodie Foster Kelly McGillis Australian Daybill | The Accused is a 1988 drama film starring Kelly McGillis and Jodie Foster, directed by Jonathan Kaplan and written by Tom Topor. Jodie Foster, for her portrayal as Sarah Tobias, earned the Academy Award for Best Actress, the film's sole nomination. The Accused also became the first film to win the Best Actress Academy Award without being nominated in any other category since The Three Faces of Eve in 1957, when Joanne Woodward won Best Actress, the film's sole nomination and has since been repeated by Kathy Bates for Misery, Jessica Lange for Blue Sky, Charlize Theron for Monster, and Julianne Moore for Still Alice.

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