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Starman Daybill movie poster Jeff Bridges John Carpenter

Original Australian Daybill movie poster. Starman.On August 20 1977, the Voyager II probe was launched into deep space. It carried an invitation to other intelligent species in the universe to visit our planet. Somewhere, someone listened. A change of pace for the director of such hits as 'HALLOWEEN', 'ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK' and 'THE THING', STARMAN is John Carpenter's spellbinding sci-fi odyssey about a benevolent alien explorer stranded on earth and the woman who becomes his only hope for survival.Powered by the remarkable performances of JEFF BRIDGES (in his Academy Award nominated role - 1985, Best Actor) and KAREN ALLEN (from RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK), and featuring specail effects from ILM, a stirring music score and a wondrous story, STARMAN is a spectacular example of a movie's power to move us.

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