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Outland Poster Original Daybill 1981 Sean Connery Peter Hyams Sci-Fi

Outland Poster Original Daybill 1981 Sean Connery Sci-Fi

Daybill Poster. Outland is a 1981 British science fiction thriller film written and directed by Peter Hyams and starring Sean Connery, Peter Boyle, and Frances Sternhagen. Set on Jupiter's moon Io, it has been described as a space Western and bears thematic resemblances to the 1952 film High Noon. Principal photography took place starting with the miniature models in May 1980 and with the actors beginning in June 1980. Post-production for the film was completed in February 1981.Outland was pioneering as the first motion picture to use Introvision, a variation on front projection that allows foreground, mid-ground and background elements to be combined in the camera, as opposed to using optical processes such as bluescreen matting. This enabled characters to convincingly walk around miniature sets of the mining colony. The music to Outland was composed and conducted by veteran composer Jerry Goldsmith, who had previously worked with writer/director Peter Hyams on the science fiction thriller Capricorn One (1978) and had recently provided the soundtrack to Alien. The film was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Sound.

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