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Kiss Attack Of The Phantoms Poster Original Daybill 1978 Unused Condition

Kiss Attack Of The Phantoms Poster Original Daybill 1978 Unused

Daybill Poster unused. Kiss Attack Of The Phantoms (also known as Kiss Meets The Phantom Of The Park in the USA, Attack of the Phantoms in Europe, Kiss Phantoms in Italy) was originally a USA 1978 TV movie starring American hard rock band Kiss and produced by the animation studio of Hanna-Barbera Productions. The movie's plot revolves around Kiss, who use their superpowers to battle an evil inventor (Abner Devereaux, played by Anthony Zerbe) and to save a California amusement park from destruction. In 1979, AVCO Embassy Pictures released Kiss Meets the Phantom Of The Park in cinemas outside the United States under various titles. The theatrical release featured a vastly different version of the TV movie, with several scenes and songs that did not appear in the original television airing added to the cut.The concert depicted in the movie was recorded in the parking lot of Magic Mountain on May 19, 1978 in front of a crowd of 8,000 people. Tickets for the concert were given out by local AM radio station KTNQ. On May 27, the last day of filming, Criss and tour manager Fritz Postlethwaite were involved in a serious car accident. Postlethwaite suffered burns however Criss' injuries were minor. The music in the European release was performed by Kiss which included songs such as New York Groove, Shout It Out Loud and Rock ‘N’ And Roll All Nite. NBC aired the movie at the height of Kiss' popularity in the United States and it has since gone on to attain a cult film status.

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