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Runaway Train One Sheet Australian Movie poster

Once it starts, nothing can stop it! Oscar 'Manny' Manheim (Jon Voight) is such a dangerous beast of a convict that he has spent three years of his sentence in Alaska's high security prison with his cell doors welded shut. In fact Manny has inspired such hatred that the warden, Barstow, (Kyle T. Heffner) eventually releases him from solitary in the hope that escapes - giving Barstow a chance track down and kill Manny himself. Buck (Eric Roberts) is a twitching, fearless convict, serving time for rape. Buck is employed in the prison laundry, and it's the laundry carts he pushes that provide the key to Manny's escape. Escaping into the Alaskan wilderness, Manny and Buck make their way to a remote railway station where they board a freight train. At last - two of the most dangerous criminals in America are on their way to freedom... or so they think. Here begins one of the most thrilling white-knuckle rides in film history. The snow covered train hurtles through the frozen landscape of Alaska, gathering speed all the time...