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The Odessa File Poster Original Daybill 1974 Jon Voight Maximilian Schell Nazis

Original Australian Daybill Poster The Odessa File

Daybill Poster.The Odessa File is a 1974 thriller film, adapted from the 1972 novel of the same name by Frederick Forsyth.It is set in Hamburg in the winter of 1963. Jon Voight plays Peter Miller, a German reporter who is investigating the whereabouts of missing Nazi war criminals. After reading the diary of a Holocaust survivor who has recently committed suicide, Miller goes on the trail of in-hiding SS officer Eduard Roschmann (Maximilian Schell). The reporter finds his investigation blocked by members of a secretive group called Odessa. With the help of Israeli activists, Miller persists in his search. The film also stars Mary Tamm, Derek Jacobi and Maria Schell and it was directed by Ronald Neame (The Poseidon Adventure). The film score was done by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Filming was done on location in Germany, Austria and at the studios at Pinewood in England and the Bavaria in Grünwald, Bavaria, Germany. The film's title song, "Christmas Dream", is sung by Perry Como and the London Boy Singers.


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