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The Wild Life Daybill Poster Original 1984 Christopher Penn Lea Thompson Eric Stoltz

Original Australian Daybill Poster The Wild Life

Daybill Poster.The Wild Life is a 1984 American comedy-drama film written by Cameron Crowe and directed by Art Linson. It stars Christopher Penn, Lea Thompson, Ilan Mitchell-Smith, Jenny Wright, Eric Stoltz, Rick Moranis, Hart Bochner, and Randy Quaid. The plot concerns three teenagers living in the suburbs of Los Angeles. The three boys set out for a night of fun and craziness at a strip bar and later on have a party at Eric Stoltz’s character’s apartment. Edward Van Halen and Donn Landee composed the film's score. The film’s soundtrack included "The Wild Life", a song written and performed by English female pop music vocal group Bananarama. Also included in the film were songs by the likes of Prince, Madonna, Little Richard, Van Halen, Billy Idol, Steppenwolf, and Jimi Hendrix.



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