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The Clinic Daybill Poster Original 1982 Chris Haywood Simon Burke

Country Of Origin Daybill Poster The Clinic

The Clinic is a 1982 Australian film produced by Robert Le Tet and Bob Weis and directed by David Stevens. It starred Chris Haywood, Simon Burke and Pat Evison.The film is a comedy/drama describing a day in a Melbourne VD clinic focusing on four doctors and their patients. It was filmed in Melbourne and Deniliquin, Australia.It was distributed by Village Roadshow. The Clinic grossed $414,000 at the box office in Australia which is equivalent to $1,092,960 in 2009 dollars.In 1983 the film received 2 AFI Award nominations for Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Pat Evison) and Best Original Screenplay (Greg Millin).