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Piranha Movie Poster Original Daybill 1978 Bradford Dillman Roger Corman

Original Australian Daybill Movie Poster Piranha

Poster art by Bob Larkin. Piranha,scripted by John Sayles and directed by Joe Dante, this tongue-in-cheek thriller stars Bradford Dillman as an antisocial mountain man and Heather Menzies as a rookie detective who race a school of mutant piranha downriver. Dante and Sayles provide the requisite blood and gore for this drive-in meat market: a kids' summer camp and a waterfront amusement park await the little beasties. Along the way, riverside retiree Keenan Wynn gets his ankles stripped clean, camp counselor Paul Bartel is chomped on the cheek, and hordes of unlucky bathers are caught in the centre of a feeding frenzy.

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