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The Bridge At Remagen Poster Original Daybill 1969 George Segal Robert Vaughn

Rare Original Australian Daybill Poster The Bridge At Remagen

The Bridge at Remagen is a 1969 DeLuxe Color war film starring George Segal, Ben Gazzara and Robert Vaughn in Panavision. The film, which was directed by John Guillermin (The Towering Inferno) was shot on location in Czechoslovakia. It is based on the nonfiction book The Bridge at Remagen: The Amazing Story of March 7, 1945 by writer and U. S. Representative Ken Hechler. The screenplay was adapted by Richard Yates and William Roberts. The film is a highly fictionalized version of actual events during the last months of World War II when the 9th Armored Division approached Remagen and captured the intact Ludendorff Bridge. Instead of the real week-long battle and several artillery duels fought between the Americans and German defenders, the film focuses on the heroism and human cost in gaining a bridgehead across the Rhine before the Allies' final advance into Germany. The American World War Two equipment was borrowed from the government of Austria, who had originally got it from the Americans. The Remagen Bridge scenes were shot at Davle on the Vltava River using the old bridge. Fake towers and a fake railway tunnel were constructed for the film. The Bridge at Remagen was released in theatres on June 25, 1969 and to this day remains one of those great 1960's world war two films.