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Zorro Movie Poster Original Daybill 1975 Alain Delon Stanley Baker

Original Australian Daybill Movie Poster Zorro 

Zorro is a 1975 spaghetti Western film based on the character created by Johnston McCulley. Directed by Duccio Tessari, it stars French actor Alain Delon as Zorro as well as Stanley Baker. The movie, produced by an Italian studio, was filmed in Spain. The film was made in part because Alain Delon had enjoyed making the swashbuckler The Black Tulip in 1964 and wanted to do another one. Filming began in July 1974 in Spain, with most of the crew being from Italy. Some studio work was done in Rome. The final sword duel was inspired by Scaramouche (1952). Zorro was released in Italy on 6 March 1975.It was released in the United States on June 1976.