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Bracula Terror Of The Living Dead Daybill Poster Original 1977 Paul Naschy

Original Australian Daybill Poster Bracula Terror Of The Living Dead 

Bracula Terror Of The Living Dead La orgía de los muertos (translated as ‘The Orgy of the Dead’) or the ‘The Hanging Woman’ (title from the video release; also known as ‘Beyond the Living Dead’ and ‘Terror of the Living Dead’ in the US and in Australia for its theatrical release ‘Bracula Terror Of The Living Dead’) is a 1973 horror film directed by Spanish director José Luis Merino and distributed by Troma Entertainment. Writing in The Zombie Movie Encyclopedia, academic Peter Dendle had this to say about the film, "Scenic nineteenth-century Skopje forms the eerie and beautiful background for this grab bag of twisted motifs, suspect ideology, and gruesome zombies.The film is set in a small highland village in 19th-century Scotland, where a stranger's arrival to claim an inheritance is met with apocalyptic visions and other evil omens. The town unearths a crypt full of horrors, including a devil-worshipping coven and throngs of the living dead.

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