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Thunderbolt And Lightfoot Poster Original Daybill Clint Eastwood Jeff Bridges

Original Australian Daybill Poster Thunderbolt And Lightfoot

Daybill Poster. Thunderbolt and Lightfoot represented the directorial debut of Michael Cimino, who went on to the heights of The Deer Hunter and the depths of Heaven's Gate. Clint Eastwood stars as an ex-thief who teams with sadistic George Kennedy, amiable drifter Jeff Bridges (who won an Oscar nomination for his performance) and dimbulbed Geoffrey Lewis to recover a cache of money that Eastwood's gang had stolen from the government. The money had been hidden behind the blackboard of an old schoolhouse; trouble is, the schoolhouse apparently no longer exists. What to do now? Why, rob the same government vault that Eastwood and company had knocked over years earlier.

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